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Tolgus - Frozen Tower Tolgus - Frozen Tower

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

has its lengths, but all in all a solid thing

as you said yourself, this is long and at the moment the first 1:20min seems somewhat disconnected to the rest of the song. I could imagine it for a video like for a actiongame. In the first part the story or background is explained before seeing the game in action.

For just listening to it as a song, maybe you could try to take some length out of it by mixing some of the parts of the main song into the intro to give a glipse of what to come.
The main part lacks some variation for my taste, but on the other hand this is Trance and not exactly my kind of music, so maybe thats how it has to be.
A snare would nicely fit in there and give something new to focus on.
The finish sounds pretty good, not much to say here.

I gave it a 7/10.

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Tolgus responds:

Thanks for the review, i love you.

No really, though. I kinda just couldn't fit it all into 3 minutes, so i had it longer. it is too long, though, yeah. But, if you like the finish, that's good. Can't really expect anything better from this thing anyway.